Lots of Need in This World

My head stays so wrapped around the needs of those suffering from the disease of addiction that sometimes I forget there are many others in great need. Today I have a special favor I would like to ask of you.

Friends of mine have a dog rescue organization, buy Metroplex Mutts, www.metroplexmutts.org or www.facebook/metroplexmutts. They rescue dogs from the city shelters, individuals who may have been mistreating dogs, etc. I was priviliged a couple of years ago to get a Papillon, Hunter, from them. A little blessing that changed my life.

Recently they rescued about a dozen dogs from the shelters. Had them in a daycare and the daycare closed down. Really need homes for some amazing animals. Want to change your life for the best? Here’s a way to bring into your life a companion that will accept you unconditionally, love you forever, and lick your face and tell you they love you everyday! Try improving on that!

Please take a moment and look at the facebook article, picture of dog and the story of the emergency situation. Blessings, Dr. Fred

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