What is Recovery Really About?

Today we begin one of the most important weeks in our program.  We begin by looking at our behaviors.  True Recovery is found in changed behavior.  I have known people who haven’t drank or used for decades, viagra but they never changed their behaviors.  They are sad, miserable people with little love from others.  Changing behaviors is difficult.  Some years ago, one of out therapist, Christ Nelson, LCDC, divised a means of looking at behaviors visually.  She drew a column on cheap levitra online pharmacy one side and one on the other side of a board.  On the left column she wrote Addiction, on the top of cialis purchase online the other Recovery.  She asked the group to identify the kamagra without rx kinds of behaviors found in a life of addiction.  Then she asked the same for recovery.  The list of behaviors that support the column of addiction is quite different from the set of behaviors that support the column of recovery.  So the challenge becomes how do I get from here to there?   What changes must be made in my life to get from addictive, compulsive behaviors to rational, thoughtful, productive behaviors in recovery?

Later this week we will look at resentments – the number one offender of our mental health, and the gift we get to get rid of buy kamagra without rx them, Forgiveness.  My favorite lesson.  I will be teaching this lesson in McKinney this week and look so forward to sharing with our wonderful group there.

Please be in class this week, this is life changing stuff!

Dr. Fred

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