It’s Amazing

I can’t believe the growth of Life Management over the cheap canadian viagra past couple of months.   The McKinney Facility is at its’ largest, viagra Plano is always growing, cheap Wylie is starting to branch out, Frisco is getting ready to launch.  It’s not rocket science – folks in need come to LMR and get “real” help, not coaching, not pats on the back, not babying – it’s not that kind of disease.  The staff of LMR is unique due to the style of counseling used, the absolute care they have for every soul who walks in the door, and the desire to see every person become whole again.

Recently some former employees have continued their malicious negative lies and that is hurtful.  We have risen beyond that.  God gave us a mission.  To reach, to heal, to give thanks.  That is what our focus is.  We will pray for those who have tried to interupt the gifted work our counselors have done and will hope they see that their lies and misguided needs get met in some way.  Life is difficult.  1 Peter 5:8 is our anchor, we will persevere.

To all our new patients – congratulations!  Courage my friends, that’s what it took to levitra online canada walk in the door, but it’s a step you will be thankful for the rest of cialis viagra ranbaxy cheap your life.

Dr. Fred

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