I Am So Proud of Life Management

Monday was an amazing day. There are days when we all struggle, patient but there are days like Monday when, viagra working together, it all seems to work the way it was intended. A young, pregnant, IV heroin using female and her husband came to enroll in our program. She had been “kicked out” of another treatment program whose “rules” were if a patient relapsed they were out. Seems incredible, but people have their rules. She had been using for three weeks up till Monday. Jessica first visited with her but then had a patient to see. Julie took over and visited with her and determined she needed to medically detox. Since they rode the bus to Plano, Mckinney was out. We called Value Options NorthStar, casemanager had 50 questions and no answers. I called Connie at Nexus who has a wonderful unit for pregnant females but she agreed she needed to detox first. Every number I tried to call all I got was voice mail. I needed people to talk to! This is, of course, why you get LIVE people to talk to when you call LMR. Anyway, I can always call in favors, so I emailed Holly at NorthStar, the Clinical Director, and asked her to call me ASAP. It took her less than 2 minutes to call back. She suggested she go to Parklands OB/Detox program then to Nexus. Great suggestion. Then the question, how does she get to Parkland? I had been told that Medicaid had a medical transport unit so I called them – needed a three day advance notice – wow what a help, remember that for future needs! Called a Taxi, Rhonda visited with the driver, wrote a letter to Parkland with her diagnosis, LMR paid for them to go to Parkland and made arrangements with the very helpful cab driver, who gave her his card, to call when she was ready to leave Parkland and go to Nexus. All paid for.

It took six members of our team to keep her calm, relaxed and levitra coupons to find the appropriate level of care and get her there – but we did it. All in all about 10 hours of time plus the clomid without a prescription cost of transportation. Not that we will receive a dime for the help, that’s not the point- but we get to know that we continued the mission God gave us to help. I know He smiled on us today, I am thankful to be part of this wonderful program. Dr. Fred

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