The 60 Day Miracle

Some years ago, sickness one of our counselors told a patient, healing “if you will just listen to best price viagra me, store try the things I tell you and do what I recommend for just 60 days, acheter cialis france you will find your life amazingly different.” Sometimes I think that is an understatement. I have seen patients make improvements in 7 days, 10 days that are very significant. 30 days and our head is clear, we can begin to put plans into actions, and by 60 days life is so different we will hardly recognize ourselves. It is difficult. Many don’t succeed. They just are not ready for the misery to end. But have faith, your counselor will lead you to where you want your life to go, in groups you will learn all you need to be able to achieve those goals you have sought. Life will be good. Sobriety….doesn’t it sound good? Keep comin’ back, it works if you work it! female viagra sale ┬áDr. Fred

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