Adolescents and Drug Abuse

Remarkable article coming from National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, cialis sale says 86% of high school students say their classmates are drinking or drugging during the school day. Almost one in 5 are using or drinking during the school day. 50% know a dealer at the school where they can get help.

Why are our heads burried in the sand when it comes to this issue? Why as parents do we pretend this won’t happen to our kid? When it does happen, we blame it on the “wrong crowd” as if that somehow fixes the situation.

Substance abuse is a chronic, progressive and fatal disease. I know several kids every year who die from this disease and this is propecia without prescription in just one small area. Their parents didn’t even know they were using.

In our adolescent program we had 15 kids in May and by the middle of summer it was almost zero. Why, vacation, summer camps, any little outing that the generic cialis professional family wanted to take. After all, it’s just a fatal disease.

Let’s all get seriouus. This is not a game. Love your kid, drug test them weekly on a random basis. If they test positive take them to a professional for help (and that is NOT your family doctor or a psychiatrist). Take them to an adolescent treatment program where people understand this issue and discount pharmacy viagra know how to viagra online order help them, not give them more pills.

Please- reach out when you need help. The future of your child depends on it.

Dr. Fred

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