The Loss of Angels

There are no words that can express the grief our nation shares today. There is nothing that can be said that will allow us to understand the cheap viagra uk depth of hurt inflicted on the little angels and their parents and teachers, look brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts – the community that participated in contributing to their short lives.

There is nothing but time to separate us from the pain we feel. There are lessons we can learn from this tragedy. Spending most of my life dealing with those afflicted with mental illness, I understand the pain and hurt of families with those who are suffering and find that help is virtually non-existent.

It’s time to start accepting that Mental Illness, in its full scope including addiction, is not simply aberrant behavior. It is illness. It is dibilitating illness. It is hurtful and it is treatable. Insurance companies that provide for plastic surgery to improve looks yet deny mental health treatment should take note and cialis free sample coupon change. Instead of looking for ways to deny treatment, they need to look for ways to improve treatment. Be a helper, not just a fiduciary entity.

We need to all come together on this issue. Would it have stopped this incident? I don’t know, only our Father knows those answers. But my guess is that it would in many cases make a difference. If those suffering were not so afraid to let it be known they needed help, millions would be getting help. Instead of suffering the shame, they might reach out. Instead of shoving them away, we would as a nation embrace them, support them and work toward cures and recovery‚Äôs.

It is possible. It will not relieve one ounce of pain today. It will not take those little angels out of the arms of their loving father. But it might, just might, prevent this in the future.

If you suffer – don’t let it go on. There are, believe it or not, those who care and who will dedicate their lives to your improvement. LMR has dedicated itself to the recovery of over 13,000 souls who reached out. We are but one of thousands who will stand in the line and open our arms to you. Please, reach out.

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