Positive Communications

There is a new book out called “Yes, cheap and…” I love it because it uses the same thoughts we do in our group session on Communication Skills. When we give a compliment to someone and say, sildenafil “yes, find but…” we take away the compliment, the positive part of the buy generic lasix conversation. Lets practice more positive communication. If you have something positive to say to cheap cialis generic someone, simply make that statement. If you have an issues with someone, use the tools you have learned to address that problem. Don’t combine the two. It is offensive to receive a compliment then a complaint. Nets to zero.

Monday was becoming a 100%er in Recovery. I love this protocol. Where are you today? Are you at 25%, 50%, 75% or have you committed to putting forth 100% effort. Do you want your life to be 25% better or 100% better. Life is beautiful. We are here for a limited time. I’m realizing that as I have now reached my 70th birthday. Make every day count. Seek truth and understanding. Look at everyone you meet as a friend, someone to care about. Tell those in your family how much you love and appreciate them everyday. Bless all of you. Have a great day. Dr. Fred

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