What is the Right Question?

One question I get asked frequently is “what is your success rate?” Not really sure how to answer that. Do you mean everyone who ever walked in the door, buy those who completed the IOP those who did Supportive Outpatient, those who came for aftercare, etc. As you can see, it’s a difficult question. Truly, however, I think it is the WRONG question. The correct question is “when do you give up on a patient?” That one is easy, NEVER. I don’t hold an expectation that everyone that comes in the program will do fantastic. Some do great, others need more motivation, still others simply weren’t ready when they came in.

Recently a young lady graduated and is still coming back for aftercare. That was her third time in the program. Each time she improved but she stayed with it until she succeeded. She’s doing fantastic now. Blessings to cheap proscar no prescription her. This is not an unusual occurrence, many come through the kamagra prescription program several times. We keep working each time on what might have been missed before.

The point being, we never give up. I tell patients that the only failure is the failure to come back when you still need help. If you need help, or if you’ve worked through a program before but still are struggling – don’t give up. The niece of a friend overdosed this past week. I am heartbroken and I never met her. But I do know her in a general sense – she was a sweet girl struggling with issues she didn’t understand how to deal with. There are hundreds of thousands like her out there. PLEASE, give me 10 minutes. If you think it is hopeless, call me. I don’t have a monopoly on wisdom, but I have lots of years of listening. Let us try to help you. Blessing, Dr. Fred

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