Keep Coming Back…..

Every day we end each group with the Serenity Prayer and say “Keep Coming Back, cure it works if you work it.”

Truer words were never spoken.  I have often said that the “only failure is to know you need help and not come back for it.”  Since we always welcome any person back into the program, medicine our patients understand that the road of life will be rocky from time to time.  That’s why I love it when someone comes back for a “tune up.”  Young lady in our group this morning has been through the program 3 times.   Each time she learned a little more and developed more skills and dug into her life to discover the underlying pathology of her addiction.  Today she is over 90 days sober.  I get tears in my eyes looking at how healthy and happy she is.  She is so courageous.

Recovery may be the buy cheap lasix most difficult thing any person may ever do.  To believe that after using substances for decades that we can solve all problems in 8 weeks is arrogant.  We make a great start and diflucan order many are successful.  But to need more is not a failure, but a recognition of the complexity of lowest price cheap discount cialis sublingual recovery and the amount of work necessary to achieve a lasting recovery.

If you need help, get started today.  Life is waiting on you.  Joy is waiting on you.  Don’t let fear become a cloud that blocks out the happiness that awaits you.

Keep coming back.  It does work.

Dr. Fred




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