Remembering in our prayers

Remembering in prayer and thoughtfulness, our patients who did not survive the battle with addiction.  Along with those everywhere who lost the battle, we ask God in His infinite mercy, to bless them as they enter the Church Triumphant, and become part of His Heavenly Kingdom.

Every Day- Remembering all who are serving in our nations military. If you are a returning veteran who needs help, please let us know, we will do anything possible to help you.

All our troops overseas and in harms way; all those suffering from Addiction and not getting help; the families of those struggling to understand.

All that we have to be thankful for!

In Memory of Mick, the Australian Shepherd, our therapy dog,  who appeared on every page of the old website, we are going to begin a series of recovery quotes on the home page entitled, “Mick Says…”.  Mick comforted hundreds of patients over his life of 13 years.  He died on Wednesday March 3, 2010.  He was my best boy and will forever be missed – Dr. Fred March 3, 2010

Praying for All our new patients who are wrestling with the difficulty of early recovery…

Those still struggling with whether or not to get help…..

And those thousands who have achieved sobriety and are living happy, loving and joyful lives!  Whoopee!!!!!!!!!! We’re so proud of all of you who have fought with so much courage to win the battle for your life.