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Family addiction recovery

Recovery brings new life to your family as the fear and frustration of addiction has passed.  No more lies and embarrassments, but a chance to rebuild trust.  You become another family member filled with hope and joy for the future.

Professional Business Recovery

Recovery brings new opportunity to return to the workplace, the opportunity to begin getting back to the positive rewards you get from a job well done.

“I don’t remember the last time my mind was so clear, my body feeling so healthy and alive and my attitude toward life so positive.  I look forward to each day and all the possibilities it holds for me.”  (Scott, 30 days sober)

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Group Therapy Life Management Resources

Group Therapy

Together, you and a small group of others working on recovery, can learn new coping skills that have been lost in active addiction. Sharing your personal experiences relative to the lesson being taught, gives us insight into ourselves, our behaviors and a way to make positive change.

Individual therapy life management resources

Individual Therapy

The goal of individual therapy begins with the statement  “Drugs and alcohol are not the problem, they are the solution.”  And it is from this belief that we begin to help you identify the place where the negative feelings and thoughts started that led to the need to self-medicate.  Once uncovered, we learn skills for putting those events in a place where they no longer cause the anxiety, fear and hopelessness that led to self-medication. This becomes the real solution.

Life Management Resources in Plano, Texas

Let today be the first day of your new life! If you are reaching out for the first time or the final time, it would be our privilege to walk the journey of recovery with you. We understand the fear or reaching out and we are prepared to help you overcome that fear. Let us visit with you on the phone and help you understand how we can help. If you prefer, please come and visit with us. We will always have the time to visit with you as long as necessary to help you overcome your fears.

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Family addiction recovery

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