The Plano Evening IOP is an informative and intellectually stimulating group that explores not only the topic being covered each evening but the life events that have led most people to the level of addiction that they came in with.  The group is facilitated by Jessica Maloney, LCDC, Adult Counselor, who ensures that the group is fun, adding humor to keep the setting light, but focused on recovery to ensure that patients learn the skills necessary to recover.  The Evening IOP meets Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evening from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM.

Family Involvement – Family Nite!

Family Nite has always been a hallmark of the Thursday Evening Program in Plano and it occurs every Thursday at all evening programs of LMR.  Midway through the group, we break to provide an opportunity to fellowship with each other and visiting family members.

For Families, the opportunity to participate in family group occurs in the second half of the evening. In this group session, each family member is given the opportunity to discuss their loved one and the progress they are making.  It also provides an opportunity for family members to seek out ways to deal with those in early recovery since many times this can be a frustrating experience.  Suggestions and exercises are presented to help the families begin to improve the way they function and to build healthier families and relationships.