The Plano Morning IOP is an exciting and relevant component of the Facility Treatment Program.  The Morning IOP is hosted by Matt Osborn, Adult Counselor,  who brings together an amazing mix of upbeat discussions and serious topics to help patients look at their life and discover the changes that need to be made for recovery.

The Morning group is a smaller, more family oriented program where each patient knows the others and close bonds and friendships abound.  Lively discussions help patients identify the difficulties they have encountered in life and work together as a team to find solutions for those difficulties.

The Morning IOP is a group of refreshed patients (who after all have had a good nights sleep!) who actively engage in discussions, supporting and encouraging each other to work toward a goal of healthy recovery.

Meeting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning from 9:00 AM until 11:30 AM, the program also offers the opportunity for Evening IOP patients to make up a session they may have missed.

The Morning Group invites other counselors to participate in order to keep the group interesting and diverse.