About Life Management Resources

At Life Management Resources, we take a little different view of addiction, but it is one that leads to great and lasting success.

  • We view alcoholism and substance use disorder as a chronic, progressive and fatal illness if left untreated.
  • We believe that alcohol and drugs are Solutions to problems, not the problems themselves.
  • We believe that taking the time to help you find those underlying reasons will result in a lasting recovery.   
  • When a patient walks in our door, we make an assumption that without our full involvement with the patient in a treatment program, that the possibility of death exists.  
  • Recovery from a dependence on alcohol or drugs is the only acceptable goal. 
  • Your success is based on the commitment to patient care made by the entire staff, the quality of the process we undertake to discover the underlying roots of the addiction, and the quality of teaching new coping skills to face the world without fear.
  • Each of the 24 sessions of the IOP is based on a specific topic for that evening. Our protocol library is extensive, covering over 8000 pages of material.  All dedicated to helping you make a significant change in your life.
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If you need help, or you are a family member needing help – reach out! Call us, we can arrange for you to visit the program, no cost, no commitment – just see if the exceptional programs of LMR may be right for you

Working with Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Mental health disorders are complex illnesses that affect our brain and our behavior.  Along with having an issue with substance use disorders, many people suffer with other mental health disorders at the same time – depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and many others.

We do not see any one issue as defining a patient.  Rather, all the issues in a person’s life which causes distress are factors that must be addressed.  Our program is a holistic approach to recovery, designed to provide the education, counseling, and medication necessary to reduce the distress caused by these issues. Additionally, we work to encourage a greater participation in community, spiritual, physical exercise, meditation and family activities to bring greater joy into your life.

Under the Guiding Principles of Recovery developed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), recovery “encompasses an individual’s whole life, including mind, body, spirit and community. The idea of holistic recovery implements very practical, comprehensive ways for the individual to develop a meaningful life both during and after treatment. Holistic treatment is a necessary and important part of substance abuse recovery designed to help the individual reach his full potential while leading a self-directed life.

life management resources

Life Management Resources is uniquely qualified to provide an unparalleled level of chemical dependency treatment services.

This is about your life.  It’s not a game.  Recovery from a dependence on alcohol or drugs is the only acceptable goal.  The success of our program is based on the commitment to patient care made by the entire staff, the quality of the process we undertake to discover the underlying roots of the addiction, and the quality of the teaching of new coping skills to face the world without fear.

Dr. Fred J. Hansen, creator of the inspiring film about chemical dependency Finding Hope, is the Chief of Staff at LMR and is personally responsible for the creation of the protocol selection provided at each session.  He remembers a time when he first began working at a psychiatric hospital, being asked to lead a group.  He asked, “What is the topic?”  The reply was, “you can talk about macramé if you want.”  The handouts, he felt, were insulting and did not respect the person who had come to the facility for help.  Copies of copies that were barely legible and written for a juvenile audience.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

He vowed that this would never continue on his watch.  When he created Life Management Resources in 1999, he began the task of writing important, significant protocols that would touch each patient emotionally, that would direct them towards the understanding of a new skill they would need to develop.  The Life Management Resources Protocol Development Library today is over 8,000 pages of material, divided into 24 specific sessions covered in the eight week program.  There is no other treatment program with a structure that begins to compare to that of Life Management Resources. The protocols are based on evidence-based, scientific information.

In 2008 Life Management Resources became Nationally Accredited by the Joint Hospital Accreditation Commission, the highest level of accreditation a health-care facility can receive. Life Management is one of only 3 freestanding, non hospital based programs in America to achieve this recognition.

However, the success of the program only starts with the printed material. It has always been Dr. Hansen’s belief that simply equipping patients with tools and teaching them the 12-Steps, is inadequate to achieve a long-term sobriety that incorporates a joyous, healthy and functional life. His belief is that we must attack the underlying events that lead to the addiction in the first place. Utilizing a variety of interventions, the staff works with patients to identify and confront the traumatic events, real or perceived, that have led them to find alcohol or drugs as a solution to their problem. These techniques have helped hundreds find peace in their life and form a foundation for lasting recovery, and is a part of the therapy employed by all LMR therapist today.

The presentation of the material in group therapy sessions by Dr. Hansen or a member of the treatment team is exciting, challenging, involving and full of excitement. Breaking midway into gender specific groups, the women’s group and the men’s group continue to process in emotionally charged sessions that allow each patient to process their own difficulties in dealing with the topic of the evening.

In individual sessions which meet each week, the counselors continue to embrace the efforts of each patient, encouraging them, supporting them, and prayerfully motivating them to a life of recovery. Dr. Hansen encourages family sessions to allow the entire family to begin the process of healing. He is active in facilitating these sessions as well as couples counseling for those in the program.